1.   Physicians receive authorization to prescribe methadone from the BC College of
Physicians and Surgeons.

 2.   Vancouver Acute physicians authorized to prescribe methadone in the community
       may do so for their inpatients.

 3.   Other physicians who wish to prescribe methadone can either:

a    Monday to Friday 0830-1630 hours: contact an authorized VA prescriber (phone the dispensary for current list).

b.   After hours: licensed physicians only (independent practice with no restriction) can apply for a Temporary Exemption to Prescribe Methadone. See Pre-Printed Order “Methadone – Temporary Exemption to Prescribe”.

 4.        For reorders of existing in-patient methadone orders:

a.   ONLY authorized methadone prescribers or physicians with current methadone authorization may re-order methadone. Note: there is no automatic stop date for methadone.

b.   Continuation of a pre-operative order may be authorized by any physician in the immediate post-operative period as long as the dose and frequency remain unchanged.

 5.        Changes in dose or frequency must be ordered by an authorized prescriber.

6.        Verbal orders must be countersigned within 72 hours.