1. Patients returning to a Residential Care Facility may have an interim supply of essential medication(s) provided to them if community pharmacy services are not available on weekends or statutory holidays.

2. VA Pharmacy department will supply the medication upon the receipt of a written order on a physician order form.  

3. A maximum of 72 hours supply of medications will be provided.

4. One day’s notice is required for processing the transfer medications.  In extenuating circumstances, if one-day advance notice cannot be met, call pharmacy.



      1. Confirm that community pharmacy is not available.

      2. Advise physician to write orders for interim medications required, clearly indicating that a patient is returning to a Residential Care Facility.

      3. Provide VA pharmacy with a minimum of one-day advance notice for prescriptions to be filled.

      4. Where possible, communicate with clinical pharmacist regarding discharge plans.

Physician or Authorized Prescriber:

1.  Write prescriptions on a new Physician Order Form.  Clearly indicate that the medication is for a patient returning to a Residential Care Facility.

2.  Limit discharge medications to those drugs that are specifically required to maintain continuity in the treatment of the patient's primary conditions.

3.  PRN orders should only be written for medications absolutely required for the interim period e.g. pain medications.

4.  When writing medication orders, state the following information:

·    Expected discharge date and time.

·    Medication name, dose, route, frequency of administration

·    Number of days (Maximum 72 hours)

·    Number of doses (for prn medications)

5.  Write all other transfer of care orders (e.g. complete discharge medication list, lab requisitions, care plan) on separate transfer forms.


1.  Process prescription. Ensure the dosing instructions and brand name or manufacturer appears on the label. 

2.  Add Note to PCIS profile to indicate dispensing date.

3.  Dispense tablets and capsules in safety cap vials.

4.  Send a maximum of 72 hours supply.