1.   Requests for addition of drugs to the BCHA Formulary must be recorded on a BCHA Application Form for change in Drug Formulary Status which may be obtained from pharmacy.  Physicians making such requests must provide reasons for addition of a drug to formulary and provide details regarding expected utilization.  References in support of the request should be supplied.  The form must also be signed by the appropriate medical department head, indicating support for the request.  Requests can be forwarded to the VA Director of Pharmacy Services for submission to the BCHA Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. 

 2. The BCHA Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee after discussion will recommend one of the

a)   Rejection of Formulary status EXCLUDED drugs are medications that have been assessed and intentionally excluded from the formulary. Interpretation: Medications in this category offer little therapeutic advantage over what is currently available. These drugs are not stocked in hospitals. There may be exceptional cases where a patient will require an Excluded Drug. Patients may be instructed to provide their own medication in these cases.

b)   Restricted Formulary status RESTRICTED medications have been assessed and approved for use, but use is restricted based on pre-established criteria.  The reasons for restriction may depend on clinical expertise, safety, administration and monitoring, cost, inpatient reimbursement, limited supply, continuity of care, and formulation.  The VA Drugs and Therapeutics Committee may further define restrictions based on prescriber and/or patient location.

c)   Full admission to the Formulary FORMULARY medications are those that have been assessed and approved for use and the product supply is available.

  d)  Specific medications may be governed by a provincial agency, due to the
       specialized indications or patient populations served.  These agencies conduct
       their own evaluation of these medications due to their specialized nature.  As a
       result, medications that are evaluated by one of the agencies listed below will
       generally be adopted to the BCHA Formulary as either formulary or restricted:

  • BC Centre for Excellence (CFE) in HIV & AIDS medications (e.g. anti-retrovirals)

  • BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) medications (e.g. chemotherapy)

  • BC Transplant Society medications (anti rejection drugs)

  • BC Provincial Renal Agency medications (e.g.  CKD or dialysis-related medication)

  • BC Centre for Disease Control (e.g. vaccines)