The Formulary System is the method used by the medical staff of a hospital working through the British Columbia Health Authority (BCHA) Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee to evaluate and to select, from among the numerous medicinal agents available, those which are considered to be most useful therapeutically, and to list dosage forms in which they may be administered most effectively. 

Only one brand of any particular drug is carried and this brand may change from time to time.  In consultation with the BCHA Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, the Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services (LMPS) Product Services Division will select the particular brand to be carried on the basis of quality standards, cost, quantity, dosage forms, packaging etc.

Not all drugs are carried.  The BCHA Formulary is a list of those drugs selected for use both at Vancouver Acute and across the province.  Drugs which offer no apparent advantage over those in the list will not be added.  Requests for temporary supplies of non-formulary drugs for specific patients may be made to any staff pharmacist.  The physician will be requested to state the reason for the request. 

The BCHA Formulary is under constant review.  Any current additions or deletions will be published in the Drug and Therapeutics Newsletter.  See "Admission of New Drugs" to the Formulary.